Our Story

Xcentrik was founded in 2002 by Robert Rose Jr., a recent graduate of HEC University in Montreal.

From a family of entrepreneurs, he worked briefly with his father’s company, Rose & Associés, a firm of renowned pharmaceutical brokers. Robert Rose Sr encouraged his son to put into practice the notions acquired during his studies and he started his own company to design and market innovative products.

His first creations were products for babies and toddlers, musical toothbrushes and nail clippers which he named Do-Re-Mi. With a practical as well as fun concept, these hygiene items captivated the toddlers’ attention with their sweet melodies making it easier for parents to cut their nails or brush their teeth.

In 2003, the idea came for Oops! all-purpose stain remover. Then an innovative concept, we wanted a compact and portable product, but we mostly wanted to create an effective formulation that would eliminate the most stubborn stains, such as blood and fat, without damaging fabrics. By adding a brush cap to help dislodge stubborn stains, Oops! Stain Remover quickly gained a reputation as the most powerful stain remover on the market and consumers be it for personal use as well as companies such as hotels and restaurants were conquered. Prior to the introduction of alcohol-based antibacterial products, Xcentrik developed the Xpress Soap in 2004. These small, phosphate-free, biodegradable soap sheets contain tea tree oil, a natural antiseptic. They are sold in packs of 50 units, practical and easy to use, just a little water is needed to lather the soap and rinse. Useful in the handbag, while camping or any other situation that requires a little clean up.

During a trip to Florida in 2006, Robert Rose Jr visited relatives in a resort where recreational vehicles were set up and found that people were putting their beach towels on the backs of their chairs for drying. This is what sparked the idea of ​​creating a towel and clothes dryer that could easily be installed on a recreational vehicle or trailer. He worked on the concept and developed the Smart Dryer, the famous versatile dryer that can not only be used in camping, but also on a balcony or even inside by fixing it on to a wall. It installs quickly and is telescopic, so takes little space when not in use.

This was an instant success and the Smart Dryer is sold worldwide in Canada, the United States, South Africa, Australia and Mexico, counting several hundred thousand copies sold since its introduction.

In 2008, we developed two new formulations of instant stain removers, the Oops! Wine specifically designed to make wine, port and spirits stains disappear, and the Baby Oops! with a softer formulation for stains on delicate baby clothes and fabrics.

In 2009, Xcentrik designed a smaller version of the dryer, the Compact Smart Dryer, to meet the demand of customers who loved the Smart Dryer concept but had to deal with tight spaces.

This version was also available as private label items from major retailers in Canada.

The Novarnica idea occurred when some Xcentrik team members were looking for an effective, natural, and easy to use painkiller. After testing different products, they were dissatisfied with what they had found. Their finding was that the majority of painkillers on the market offer old formulas and copy each other. The bigger companies are mainly trying to maintain their assets, while new players like Xcentrik are innovating and moving forward. Novarnica is the result of this frame of thought that drives our team and pushes us to constantly reinvent and offer innovative and high quality products.

During the development process, we wanted to create an easy to use product, fast and without risk of spills. So we opted for a spray, non-greasy, frictionless, fast-acting formula that is suitable for a wide range of consumers. This first product under the brand name Novarnica was launched in Canada in 2013 with great triumph, and in 2014 in the US market.

Following the introduction at CVS Pharmacy, statistics showed that Norvarnica Pain Relieving Spray was the second best new product in the topical analgesic category in terms of volume of sales. Consumers are always looking for the product to provide quick and effective relief, which explains the brand’s tremendous success in the United States.

Always listening to consumers, we heard their wishes and in 2016 launched 4 new products in the Novarnica family to meet the needs and tastes of the enthusiasts. The Pain Relieving Body Cream, for those who prefer the application in massage, the Novarnica Sport, a powerful formulation in a compact and practical size for the gym or outdoor activities, as well as 2 products specifically for the care of the feet.

In 2017, we redesigned and revamped the Oops! Stain Remover packaging. Now with spray applicator and a brand new brush cap we designed especially to better help dislodge stains.