It all starts with an idea.  A spark of inspiration ignited by a desire to improve quality of life, to find a better way…

This is when the process starts.  Brainstorming sessions to look at all aspects of product development.

The product:  what is it exactly?  What are its uses?  What problem does it solve?  How does it improve your life?

Our team gets to work; first step, market research.  We look for products that are either similar in concept or are available in the same marketplace as we are targeting, and see what they are lacking and how we can improve them.  We also speak with people from our target audience and gather information as to their needs, and getting their impression of our concept.

Then we find the right partners to bring our ideas to life.  Actual manufacturers who are the best fit to fulfill our vision.  We work closely with them every step of the way until we get a working sample, ready to be tested and we can then get a better indication if adjustments are needed.

Once we are 100% happy with the results, we can then work on the packaging.  We pride ourselves on providing attractive packaging that are as eye-catching as they are practical and informative.  Why be satisfied with boring packaging?  We like to work with bright colors and interesting constructions to provide different merchandising options.

Our sales team determines the pricing and marketing aspects and can now offer the product to various marketplaces, locally as well as internationally.

After a process that can be long or short, exciting, interesting and inspiring, we are finally ready to launch our product, hoping it will make its way into as many households as possible with the objective of improving customers’ quality of life…


Here are a few examples of products we have developed

Stain Remover Project: The evolution

One of our early projects, in 2004, was to develop a unique formulation that could instantly remove almost any stain. We found the perfect recipe but it was made even more effective with the addition of the revolutionary brush cap to help dislodge the toughest stains.

Oops! Back in the day

When we first created the original stain remover version in 2004, we put a lot of emphasis on the special brush cap.

Oops! brush cap, as per production 2004 – 2016

Oops! brush cap mold (4 cavities) 3D representation.

A decade later, we developed a brand new brush cap that would prove to be even more efficient. This new brush cap can be used on most fabrics, on shoes, carpets and many more surfaces.

Latest Product Development

New Oops! brush cap mold as per production.

In 2017, same great product, new brush cap, new presentation.

We are proud to offer this updated version with patented brush cap. Almost no stain can resist. Put it to the test!

Oops! patented brush cap 3D design.

The Smart Dryer Project: From A to Z.

A spark of inspiration in 2006: while at a campground, noticing that people didn’t seem to have anywhere to hang towels, Robert Rose Jr thought: ‟There has to be a better way”… Then, a new idea emerged…

Smart Dryer Product Development

Since 2006, the Smart Dryer has been sold to customers around the world


Engeneering process

Unique and innovative

This heavy duty rack, which can be used outdoors or indoors was designed and developed from a to z. The unique brackets make it the perfect fit for use on recreational vehicles as well on a ramp or fence.